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I really wanted to call this blog article, “5 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Retreat.” But, I guess you could list 100 reasons why you need the retreat. Unfortunately, after you take a big sigh and think about attending, you also start listing all the reasons why you can’t attend. You’re too busy, what would you do for childcare, you’re deciding if the money is worth it, you have to take time off work, and the list goes on. 

If you are a busy professional with a spouse, family, kids, and furry kids, I have the antidote to your super rational brain. Here are the reasons how many of us justify a personal retreat:

  1. Opportunity to make massive changes in a short period of time

I am one of those humans that hate to waste time, even when it’s my “be still” time. During a retreat like, let’s say, The Confident You – Beach Retreat, attendees have the opportunity to experience silence, sessions that they wouldn’t experience anywhere else, and connect with other like-minded women. So, you tell me, where you can get rest, time to think, journal, learn, connect, eat good food, connect with badasses. I still have friends that I met at personal retreats from 10 years ago, they are powerful. You have the time, space, and opportunity to work on yourself in a few different ways in a short period of time. 

  1. Your significant other, kids, and family will thank you

I have asked other retreat goers if the same thing happens to them, when we reconnect with our significant other after a 2-3 day retreat, we hear, “wow, you sound so calm and…nice,” We are able to be a little nicer because we had a moment to ourselves to clear the clutter. I have walked away from retreats with big business ideas that have led to an immediate increase in sales for my company. It’s more than a vacation escape from the daily routine, retreats have a specific intent behind them that allow a healthy distance from one’s current situation for greater clarity. 

  1. My productivity skyrockets 

Your company should pay for this retreat. If there is any sort of wellness stipend or opportunity to recommend one, use it for a personal retreat. In my mind, this is a business expense because I was a revitalized HR professional after attending a personal retreat. When I took on more of the CEO role, I feel like it helped me see my company from a 30,000 foot view and not at 3,000 feet. Once I took that time to work on myself, everything else around benefited, including my work. 

  1. You don’t have to plan anything

You tell me one trip you have been on where you didn’t have to think about…anything. Everything is planned for you, you just need to think about getting yourself to the right room. Even your attire is carefree. Dress comfortably, be comfortable, don’t think so much. Would you want a day of no planning and just being?

  1. You deserve it

Is that hard to accept? You deserve a personal retreat. You do so much for everyone else, you truly deserve a getaway that’s just for you. Be that person that takes care of their own needs, so you will have the emotional capacity for others. Be a role model for the people in your life. There are also a lot of people that give great advice to everyone else, but they don’t water their own grass. You deserve it, you need it, you want it! What’s stopping you?

If you are ready to justify making yourself a priority, register now for the September Beach Retreat,

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