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W hether you are a Founder or seasoned senior leader, when you become CEO, there is a general perception that you have made it. This is a major accomplishment that should be celebrated, but I also know the level of pressure, responsibility, and sacrifice that comes with the position.

You are now the cultural heartbeat and public representative of the company.

All your business decisions now have consequences, impacting your team, customers, and the future of the business.

Even though you may have a network of friends or colleagues, you still feel like you’re on an island by yourself and forced to make decisions.

The Harvard Business Review reported that the CEOs job is the “loneliest job in the world.”  

Every CEO needs a CEO Mentor.

A CEO Mentor shares their experience and expertise to serve as a guide to the mentee in navigating the challenges and complexities of being a CEO. Ultimately, partnering with them to create clarity, refine their ideas, strategically plan, and overcome obstacles.

I am a hands-on CEO Mentor & People Strategy Advisor.

What problems do I solve?

  • Feeling overwhelmed, decision fatigue, and like you don’t time to work on your business
  • Lacking financial knowledge about your business and you may even have a fear of the numbers
  • Fighting employee fires, disjointed teams or dysfunctional leadership
  • Fumbling to clarify organizational structure, processes, and employee responsibilities for business growth
  • Secretly feeling like you have no idea what you’re doing and no clear plan in place for business development, revenue generation, and goal-setting

I guarantee you are struggling right now in at least one of these 4 areas





Together, we will build structure, consistency, and accountability. The result?

Increased revenue and profitability

Confidence, less stress, and more time

Employees that rally around the mission

Future-proofed business and people strategies

In the words of my clients.

Hear what these incredible leaders have to say about our time together.

"I would absolutely reccommend Jada. She is perfect for individuals who have big ideas and big dreams."

Amanda Gilchrist

Founder of Purposeful Wellness

"Any executive person knows that it can get lonely at the top. Jada is always there to listen and encourage."

Debi Schadel

Co-Founder of Flock & Rally

"It's not only her intelligence, her experience, her actual ability to solve your problems, but the manner she does it."

David Terrell

President & Founder of Golden Gate Mortgage

"Jada is such a huge advocate and ally, helping to build an infrastructure that is scalable and sustainable."

Kassy Alia Ray

CEO & Founder of Serve and Connect

Chuck Norris doesn’t churn butter.

He roundhouse kicks the cows and the butter comes straight out.

Power Session


2-hour Power Session

Two-hour problem-solving session where we identify immediate pain points, priorities, and powerful action steps. Prior to scheduling, you will complete a discovery questionnaire and a 60-minute discovery call.

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Full Day


CEO In-Service Day

A day spent working on the business and the development of the CEO. The agenda for the day is inspired by the discovery questionnaire, a 60-minute discovery call, and the immediate needs of the CEO. It’s typically a day of collaboration, problem-solving, planning, and learning. I’ll also schedule a 30-minute accountability call within 30 days after our session. (If you sign up for Monthly CEO Mentorship within 30 days, the CEO In-Service Day is FREE)

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Best Value



Monthly CEO Mentorship

There are only a handful of clients that receive the Monthly CEO Mentorship, when you sign up for this journey together, I’m all in. I am not going to give you a cap of a certain amount of hours a month. My role may require on-site visits, emergency conversations, and virtual whiteboard sessions. This is a 6-month partnership that will grow your business, your team, and yourself.

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It’s easy to get started! The first step is to apply and we schedule a discovery call.

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I believe in 100% transparency.

Working with me will change your life and your business.

Every client receives:

Feeling of relief while tackling decisions and challenges with your trusted CEO Mentor

Combination of in-person white board sessions and virtual one-on-one’s

Discounted access to events and other client-only freebies

Becoming a client


Once you click apply, you will be prompted to answer a few thoughtful questions. Your responses will allow me to learn more about you and it will give me an opportunity to prepare for the discovery call.

Discovery Call

Within 24-48 hours after applying, you will receive an email or call to schedule the discovery call. I prefer a video call that is expected to last 45 - 60 minutes. It’s a true time of discovery on both sides. My goal is to learn more about you, your business, and your goals. There are no wrong answers, just show up and be yourself.

One-on-One Strategy Session

At the end of the discovery call, I will give you an opportunity to schedule a one-on-one strategy session. This session is designed to see how we work together. My goal is to cultivate an immediate win for you! You can choose to schedule an 2-Hour Power Session or a CEO In-Service Day. (Warning: I make things happen with a whiteboard)

Invited to be a Client and work with Jada!

At the end of the strategy session, I will share my observations and next steps. Some clients just need a good ole’ whiteboard session and others want and need a CEO Mentor. It has to be a good fit, like peanut butter and jelly. Once I invite you to be a client, that’s when the real work (fun) begins. Let’s go!

Maybe you’ve seen me around.

Sign up for whatever feels right but just stop doing this alone.


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